Dreaming of a new bathroom? Longing for more space for the family? Don’t wait another minute – take advantage of our “Design Now – Renovate Later” special offer. Design your dream bathroom now with an obligation-free online consultation with our award-winning team.

Online Design Appointments


  • Zoom, Skype or phone design brief

  • Short questionnaire

  • Cost estimation and next steps

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The Process

The Brindabella team is still hard at work creating beautiful homes and now is a great opportunity  to start planning for your new bathroom. That’s why we came up with the idea to “Design Now” so you’re ready to “Renovate Later” when this situation is more under control.

  • Book a time to chat

    Let's arrange a time to chat.

  • Project debrief

    We will contact you for a 5 min debrief on your ideas using Zoom, Skype, Messenger, email or phone.

  • A couple of things we may need

    • A photo of the space you want renovated
    • Some basic measurements
    • A short brief on your ideal space – we’ll send a questionnaire to help you share your ideas
  • Estimated costs

    We will give you an estimate of what costs you can expect to incur.



    Let's schedule a 5 minute debrief – we can use Zoom, Skype, Messenger, email or just a regular phone call.


    Download our guide and learn how to stay sane and make sure your renovation creates the 

    home of your dreams.



    Discover more about our “Design Now - Renovate Later” offer.





      • If you wish to proceed further, here's what we will do

        • Organise another meeting with our designer (via any of the means above)
        • Your designer will go through your design requirements and start to develop your architectural plans including floor plans and elevations
        • Take you (online) shopping! Go online with your designer to discuss and start to choose your vanity, tiles, toilet, bath, shower and accessories
      • This process can take 4 - 6 weeks and at the end you'll have

        • A full set of architectural plans including floor plans, elevations, lighting and electrical plans 
        • A full Shopping List of all your fittings and fixtures as selected

      When you are ready to build

      You can use your full set of plans to put your project out to tender. From here you can choose your preferred builder and schedule a start date for the building work to commence.


      Luckily, we’ve actually done this before. Not because of a pandemic, of course. Our clients were living in New York at the time, and planning to move back to Sydney, so wanted the new design completed before they arrived. And the design was done back in 2010 – way before Zoom and video calls were a thing. So imagine how much more efficient the process will be with today’s technology on our side!

      "Considering this started with late night calls from New York, it’s a credit that it has all happened so smoothly. We are very impressed with the design and effort John and his crew have put in."

      R. DUGAN


       “A balanced appearance of square-edged design, organic shapes, and mosaics delivers a relaxed ambience. Harmonious colours and a quality choice of materials have produced a great result”

      HIA judges